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India's First
Future-Ready Summit

25th March, 2018

IIT Delhi, New Delhi

03.00 PM - 05.00PM

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About Evolve

For millions of years human beings have been evolving and continue to do so. Why do we do this? Simply because we are trying to become the best we can. Similarly, we believe that giving children the right guidance in their formative years will help them become the best version of themselves.

With the growing influence of social media, the issues children face are increasing as well. Nervousness, anxiety, bullying, career pressure, etc. have become part of their daily life and nobody seems to address this. To make the right decisions in dealing with these issues, one has to have the right values, mindset, and skills.

The evolve team consists of a bunch of entrepreneurs who have come together to craft a solution to this problem. When their strengths in various fields are put together, it leads to a beautiful mix of totality. From visualization to goal setting, the team has created a power packed curriculum.

Together let’s make our children future ready.

The Story

Why Evolve

‘’Many of my friends need help’’, is what one of our team member's daughter said that made him think of the issues faced by young children. Tania is a great dancer, a strong swimmer, a black belt in karate, plays the guitar and excels in academics as well. Who would think Tania has challenges that she can't cope up with? But that isn't true. She faces the same challenges like all kids - nervousness, self-confidence, peer pressure, making mistakes and so on.

Children are like clay; molded by those who surround them. As they enter adolescence, they face different issues that they mostly can't deal with on their own. This is the time to shape them into good human beings by instilling in them the right values, mindset, and skills.

Evolve plans to introduce the entrepreneurial mindset, that will help every child conquer their battles. What is an entrepreneurial mindset? Survival is an innate ability we are all born with, and survival involves innovative thinking. When we all start thinking like entrepreneurs, we develop the capability of finding solutions rather than complaining about the problem at hand.

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